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FPY Members Meeting

Members meeting followed by an organizational board meeting.


Bullying Prevention Program

Since 2009, FPY has been striving to raise awareness and educate the community on Bullying, a very complex issue that impacts targets, witnesses, and the youth who bully in profound – and sometimes permanent -- ways.


Our staff has been pleased to do community presentations and TV and radio interviews on bullying prevention and awareness.  We built a team of partners active in bullying prevention that developed a versatile bullying prevention and intervention “train the facilitator” program that can be implemented in a variety of settings where youth interact. We have also hosted three symposia on Bullying Prevention.

View the PowerPoint Presentations from the 4-25-12 Symposium:
1) General Trends in Bullying Prevention and Intervention  
2) Cyberbullying Awareness
3) Special Populations at Higher Risk

View our Local Bullying Prevention Resources Packet HERE.

There is no simple solution for bullying. Building an effective, community-wide response to bullying takes time and the commitment of parents, educators, community-based groups, and students, but there are important steps we can all take. We can educate ourselves, we can share what we have learned, we can advocate for change in a cooperative manner, and we can be unwavering supporters of youth who experience bullying, teasing, harassment, and/or abuse. Together we can provide youth with the skills they need to treat each other with understanding and respect.

We are grateful to the team of partners who is working with us to develop our bullying prevention and intervention training program, including

• Bullying Prevention Team Chair, Lisa Adler
• CrisisLink
• Fairfax County Neighborhood & Community Services
• Fairfax County Public Schools
• Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board
• George Mason University
• Northern Virginia Family Service
• Northern Virginia Mediation Service - Restorative Justice program
• Unified Prevention Coalition

Special Thanks to our youth mental wellness initiative sponsors, Morrison-Foerster Foundation and Dominion Hospital, and to Hudson Contracting LLC and Burke Presbyterian Church for sponsoring our next symposium!



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